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Virginia Section Committee Chairs 


The following contacts are the chairs of our committees who perform many of the community activities for the Virginia Section.


Archivist Committee

Sarah Porter                     
Longwood University

The Archivist Committee serves the membership of the American Chemical Society by assessing, collecting, organizing, preserving, maintaining control over, and providing access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. The archivist committee will work in close association with, the historian, the webmaster, the bulletin editor and the section Chair to recommend best practices in labeling, storage, security, back-up and archiving of all records for the section for easy referencing and cross referencing.


Chemical Education

Ryan Warren


Community Activities

Kristine Smetana


Government Affairs

Rebecca Pompano
University of Virginia



Membership / Hospitality

Todd Koch
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare


Minority Affairs

Hyacinth Yarabe
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Charlene Crawley
Virginia Commonwealth University


 Publications Editor

James D. Beck


 Project SEED

Dorothy Eseonu,  
Virginia Union University


 Student Affiliates

Lachelle Waller              
Virginia Commonwealth University

Colleen Taylor                
Virginia State University

The Virginia section American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Committee (VA ACSSAC) serves the membership of the American Chemical Society by working closely with Faculty and Staff at Universities in the section to increase the number of college student ACS members and active student affiliate chapters.  Encouragement of student membership and growth is accomplished by communicating the benefits of membership, highlighting the good works of student chapters, holding collaborative events to benefit members and offering support for and branding of student affiliate community activities.



Ann M. Sullivan
Reynolds Community College






Awards -

           Service & Industrial 

Yezdi B. Pithawalla,           
Altria RD&E


Larry White                               Bridgewater College


Chemistry Olympiad

Ann M. Sullivan
Reynolds Community College 



Kenneth Chapman

The Entertainment Committee provides registration services for both monthly and special Virginia Section meetings.

History Committee

Larry White                              Bridgewater College

The History Committee serves the membership of the American Chemical Society by capturing and locating pictorial, written and oral records that pertain to the section and its activities from its inception to present. The History committee also engages with the Archivist who recommends and implements best practices for all forms of storage.


Media Relations

Krista Weissbart
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

The Media relations committee works with media in all forms produced for the VA section for the purpose of informing the public and general membership of the section’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.



Denise Walters
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare



Will H. Lewis, Jr.



Joseph Crockett, 
Bridgewater College,



Women Chemists (WCC)

Stephanie Mabry
Afton Chemical

The Women Chemists Committee (WCC) serves the membership of the American Chemical Society. Our mission is to be leaders in attracting, developing, promoting, and advocating for women in the chemical sciences in order to positively impact society and the profession.

  • Increase participation and retention
    of women in the chemical sciences and related disciplines
  • Take an advocacy position within the
    ACS on issues of importance to
    women in the chemical sciences.
  • Provide leadership for career development opportunities for
    women in the chemical sciences
    and related disciplines
  • Promote and recognize the professional accomplishments of women in the
    chemical sciences and related


Younger Chemists (YCC)

Heather Lourenco



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