2008 Virginia Section Chemistry Olympiad Results:

I want to thank all of the teachers, the proctors and the students who participated in the 2008 Local Chemistry Olympiad which was a success.  Twenty-six schools asked to participate with over 800 students.  From the 26 schools, 9 schools were put into the small school category with less than 600 student enrollment and completed with the 3 small governor’s schools participating while the remaining large schools with enrollments over 600 competed with the single large governor’s school that participated.   The following results are given below:

Examination Statistics

The statistics on the exams (not separated by category) are following:

Exam statistics (not separated by category)

First Year

(65 questions)

Second Year

(60 questions)


37 (57%)

30 (50%)

Standard deviation




56 (86%)

30 (50%)







Number of Schools participating



Total Head count students



The local examination and answer key is also available

National Examination

  Sixteen students including several alternates were invited to take the National Olympiad exam on April 19th at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond Virginia.  No more than two students can be nominated from each school and each student must be a U.S. Citizen to be eligible for the IChO study camp.  Of the following students who were nominated, only five participated in the National Exam. 

Samouil Farhi*, Valentina Moshnikova and Ryan Singel*

from Albemarle High School

Abra Guo*

from Deep Run High School

Nicholas Ducharme-Barth

from Fredricksburg Academy

Di Jin

from Freedom High School

Michael Mason

from Jackson River Governor’s School

David Alex Hia*

from James River High School

Katherine Bauer

from J. R. Tucker High School

Corinne Hoogakker, Kendrick Smith,  Ziyi Gao and Elizabeth Merriman

from Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Minhdat Tran+ and Kevin Buckler*

from The Steward School

Matthew Jenny

from Waynesboro High School

The results of the National Exam

The National Examination is separated into 10 catagories within the three parts of the exam.  Part I contains 60 multiple choice questions; Part II contains 8 - 10 open answer questions while Part III contains 2 laboratory assignments.  The 10 categories include Bonding and molecular structure; Equilibrium; Kinetics; Descriptive Chemistry and laboratory; Stoichometry and Solution Chemistry; Organic and Biochemistry; Atomic Structure and Periodicity; Oxidation- Reduction; States of Matter and Thermodynamics.   The National Exam is available on the ACS website.

The five students who took the National exam for the Virginia Section generally did well.  Samouil Farhi received High Honors for his participation doing outstanding in 6 of the 10 catagories. 

Local Examination Student Scores

At each school, the student with the highest score received a National Olympiad or Element pin.  The following students were the highest score from each participating school. Teachers from each school also received a pin.


First Year

Second Year

Albemarle High School

Ariel L. Schwartz & Hong Yi Chen

 Samouil Farhi

Colonial Heights High School

Andrew Breidenbach


Cosby High School

Samuel Reiman, Timothy Owens & Cody Jones

Kevin Crowley

Deep Run High School

Katherine Soule & Kelcee Coleman

Abra Guo

Franklin Military School

Matthew Hartman


Fredericksburg Academy


Nicholas Ducharme-Barth

Freedom High School

Ndikum Moffor & Erica Denfeld

Di Jin

Governor's School of Southside Virginia at Longwood

Sharon Harris


Harrisonburg High School


Chelsea Cockburn

Highland Springs High School

Thomas Moore

Travis Schmidt

James River High School

Nicholas Wade & Andrew O'Shanick

David Alex Hia

J. R. Tucker High School

Gary Patton & Timothy Lynch

Katherine Bauer

Maggie Walker Governor's School

Matthew Nguyen, Catherine Fraher & Adam Bivens

Corinne Hoogakker

Mills E. Godwin High School

Matthew Boegner, Tim Lancaster & Johnathon Owens

Suraj Mishra

Notre Dame Academy


BongJu Lee

Prince George High School

Thomas Johnson, Philip Chung & James Wyche

Elizabeth Brown

St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School

William Jakes, Benjamin Godek & Andrew Cole

Charlotte Platner

Stafford High School

Kenneth Smith & Caitlin Jordan

Michael Drescher

The Steward School

Christine Kasper

Minhdat Tran

The Governor's School of Southside Virginia

Hunter Harris


Thomas Jefferson High School

John Carpin


Waynesboro High School


Matthew Jenny

Local Examination Student Awards

The students with the three highest scores from all participating schools, separated by category and by test will receive a $25 gift certificate for first place, $15 gift certificate for second place and a $10 gift certificate for third place from Barnes and Nobel.  Those students who were also nominated for the National Exam will receive a $25 gift certificate, instead of their place amount.  The following students have the highest scores within the Virginia Section. 


First Year Chemistry Olympiad Local Examination

Small School  and Small Governor’s School Category

Large School and Large Governor’s
School Category

($25 gift certificate)

Hunter Harris – Governor’s School of Southside
Virginia at Longwood

Ariel Schwartz – Albemarle High School


William Jakes
St.  Stephen’s & St. Agnes’ 

Matthew Nguyen
Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School

Matthew Boegner

Mills E. Godwin High School


Christine Kasper –The Steward School

Katherine Soule – Deep Run High School


Second Year Chemistry Olympiad Local Examination

Small School and Small Governor’s School Category

Large School  and Large Governor's Schools Category


Minhdat Tran – The Steward School

Samouil Farhi*  – Albemarle High School


Nicholas Ducharme-Barth
Fredericksburg Academy

Valentina Moshnikova
Albemarle High School


Kevin Buckler* – The Steward School
Michael Mason

Jackson River Governor’s School

Ryan Singel* - Albemarle High School

*  These students were invited to take the National Examination and will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Team Awards

Team Awards are given to the school having the highest combined total for three students separated by category and year.  Each of the following schools will be invited to attend the December Meeting of the Virginia Section.  These schools will receive a plaque to show they won the team award.  

First year Team Award



Small School & Small Governor’s School

The Steward School

Large School & Large Governor’s School

Maggie Walker Governor’s School



Second Year



Small School & Small Governor’s School

The Steward School

Large School & Large Governor’s School

Albemarle High School