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December Section News

  • PDF Version of the December issue of The Bulletin
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Annual Awards Meeting, Friday, January 19 at Consolidated Laboratory Services
  • Executive Committee Meeting, January 20 at VCU
  • 2018 Meetings of the Virginia Section
  • The Chair's Corner
  • 2018 Election results
  • Report on the November Section Meeting
  • YCC Sponsors Tour of Evonik
  • YCC Program in a Box
  • Women Chemists Committee Activities
  • A Report From the Chair on 2017 Activities
  • Strategic Planning for the Virginia Section
  • VSU Student Affiliate Assists High School


Information for publication in The Bulletin should be sent to the Editor:

Dr. James D. Beck
1977 Vesonder Road 
Petersburg, VA 23805 
(804) 733-5286